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Helpful tips on cleaning your home’s air duct can be found in our blog below.

Effect Of Weather On Air Ducts

Heating and cooling systems are one of the most significant electronic gadgets at home as they function all year round. They help create a warm environment in winter and bring in cool air during a hot summer day. So it is also important that air ducts function well all year round and are regularly serviced and maintained. Whether it is summer, spring time or winter, HVAC units and air ducts are constantly affected by the vagaries of weather and they need to be periodically checked and repaired if they show signs of damage or potential problems.

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Dangers Of Dirty Ducts

The whole idea of air duct maintenance is to prevent ducts from getting too dirty. It may sound simple, but the consequences can be quite dire, and this prompts people to call air duct companies to fix the problem. Some of the more experienced ones would even perform dryer vent cleaning and HVAC maintenance themselves. So just what kind of dangers can a dirty duct have?

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